Saturday, 28 March 2015

Trip, Sustainability Weekend

At the beginning of March we did not have a normal school week but did some really amazing activities. The week started off with school and some tests on Sunday and Monday, however that was it for school this week. On Tuesday, all EMISers got up really early to get ready to leave to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea for two days.

After a drive to Jerusalem, and a visit of the Museum of Islamic Art, the bus dropped us of in the center of Jerusalem, where we visited multiple religious sites as well as the market.
Then it was already time to get back on the bus to drive for 2 hours to the Bedouin camp, where we stayed overnight. As we arrived, most of us were already rather tired, but we still had dinner on the floor, a Bedouin talk and some games and conversations.

On Wednesday, EMIS headed towards Masada and the Dead Sea, where some floated in the water and enjoyed the sun.

After we returned exhausted but amazed, we had Thursday off, which was our weekend for this week, as we hosted two organizations and EMIS' first sustainability weekend on friday and saturday.
ZZZ-ZwischenZeitZentrale und Lisa D came to visit and hold a two-day workshop.

The Journalism Club covered the whole week in details on the blog, check the following links out if you want to know more about our special week:
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Friday, 27 March 2015

Peace concert in Jerusalem

Last Wednesday, around 30 EMISers took an afternoon and evening off from schoolwork to get on the bus, drive to Jerusalem and attend a Peace concert at the YMCA.
Peter wrote an article about the concert, which can be found here"Music as a Force for Peace".
Enjoy reading and looking around on BlogEMIS.

Waiting for the bus
- time for a group picture! :)

What shall we do if we have to wait for the bus? Food is always a good answer!
Thanks Melissa

beautiful location
Concert time
A students' choir

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Trip to Jerusalem

Together with Eng & Sofia at the Western Wall
Anna & Hannah
Girls picture 
Smile :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Journalism Club's Ynet visit

The EMIS Journalism Club had the chance to visit Ynet's office in Tel Aviv.
This was our first trip with half of our club. We are hoping to do more visits in the future in order to be more engaged with the outside world and see how others work.
If you are interested to read more about this activity:
Ynet Experience in Quotes
An article written in English & Hebrew by two students from the BlogEMIS team
BlogEMIS' picture gallery

BlogEMIS team :) 
Ynet studio
BlogEMIS team