Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A day around the Old Port

Old Port

The Old Port in Montréal is a touristic port in Old Montréal going along the St. Lawrence river. 
The French used to trade here back in history. Nowadays, it is a nice place to come, as there will always be something going on. Often during the day, especially in the summer, festivals take place. At some special nights, the Old Port is a good location to look at La Ronde's fireworks. 

Beavertail with chocolate and banana
Whoever knows me better is aware that I am in love with chocolate. So, as Alisa and I hit the food court at the Science center at the Old Port, I did not have to spend a second thinking about which beavertail I will be ordering. Right as I read the menu to chocolate banana, I knew that I will be going for this one. I have not been disappointed with what I received, definitely not. However, I must add that I do consider them difficult to eat, especially the bigger ones, even though they are technically supposed to be the same size and price. We ordered another one a few days later and received one that was only a little bit bigger than half of it, the price remained the same though. It was just a different store. Oh well, at least it was easier to eat! :)


Surprise, surprise!
Guess who is here?
Old Montreal, Place Jaques Cartier

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