Saturday, 25 July 2015

Picnic with LMAC friends

One day, we - Alisa, my host sister, who surprised me with her presence, and I - met up with some of our friends we met at school two to three years ago. In the morning after eating breakfast, we went to the supermarket to buy some food, which we later enjoyed. We met up at the olympic parc metro stop and then walked to the park Maisonneuve, where we were looking for a good spot to sit down for the next few hours. After walking around a little, we spotted the perfect place under a couple of trees, as it was really hot and we, therefore, wanted to enjoy the shade. It was actually remarkable colder in the park than in the city, wow. We ate bread, cheese, grapes, cupcakes, banana bread, and much more. 
It was really nice to chat again with people we have not seen, met and hardly talked to in years. 
So much happened in-between, but what really changed?
I was not able to answer the question yet. 
We all moved on in our lives, changed schools, moved on to college, but how did we all change?
That is a good question! Best of luck for the upcoming time to all of you!

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